SHOPLINE Strategic Partnership Initiative Program

1. Strategic Partnership Initiative Program is organized and managed by SHOPLINE (M) SDN.BHD.

2. Period.
The period of the Program is from 1st April 2023 to 30th June 2023. If there's any extension of the program period, Shopline will auto extend the participation without further notice.

3. Entity. This Terms and Conditions of Strategic Partnership Initiative Program applies to SHOPLINE, Merchants who cooperate with SHOPLINE and apply to participate in this Program, and Non-SHOPLINE Merchant who apply to participate in this Program.

4. Purpose. The purpose of this T&C is to develop sales channels for SHOPLINE Merchant, and to find high-quality live selling resources for Non-SHOPLINE Merchant, through SHOPLINE capabilities.

5. Process. SHOPLINE Merchants and Non-SHOPLINE Merchant who want to participate in this Program need to apply through the specified Google Form during the Program Period. After submitting the form, SHOPLINE will filter and arrange for qualified SHOPLINE Merchant to meet with Non-SHOPLINE Merchant (If there’s no suitable SHOPLINE Merchant, SHOPLINE will not notify) to confirm the first cooperation. Once all parties reach an agreement,
all parties shall sign a Collaboration agreement. 

6. Charge. SHOPLINE will charge commission (5-10% of the sales of the first cooperation, but special offer 3% for Q2 2023) as marketing fees from SHOPLINE Merchant. The specific amount and rate will be fixed in the Collaboration agreement.
By participating in the Program, you acknowledge and agree to the fees charge.

7. Restricted Sales Channels. All products sold through this Program shall be checked out from the SHOPLINE web-page.
We prohibit the use of other e-commerce platforms to sell products included in this Program. Any violation of this condition
may result in the termination of your participation in this Program.

8. Entire Agreement. This T&C constitutes the entire agreement between you and us and supersede all prior negotiations, understandings or agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter hereof.

9. Terminate. SHOPLINE reserves the right to suspend, revise, or terminate the Program at any time, and to review and change these Terms and Conditions in its sole discretion from time to time without prior notice. The updated Terms and Conditions shall immediately apply to the Program upon publication.

10. Terms. The Program and this T&C are subject to terms and conditions of SHOPLINE Terms (available at the link:

11. Amendments. We reserve the right to amend or modify this T&C at any time, without notice to you. Your continued participation in the collaboration program after any such modifications will constitute your acceptance of the revised
terms and conditions.

12. Governing Law. This Program and T&C are governed by and will be construed in according with the laws of Malaysia.