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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where merchants sell goods with zero inventory and make profits from sales. Customers place an order from your online store, and then then dropshippers place an order from another store or supplier. They usually profit from mark-ups due to price differences.

What are some key challenges that dropshippers may face?

Dropshipping platforms can oversell their products doubling your lead time to customers
Merchants spend a lot of time and
effort manually uploading products by  copying and pasting product information
Customer data may not always be
in sync with suppliers, leading to inefficiencies in fulfilling orders

Use SHOPLINE’s Catcher app as your all-in-one dropshipping supplier

Catcher is your one-stop solution for big data selection, bulk imports to your online store,
automatic order placements

Data-driven product selection

Catcher’s product selection function helps merchants analyse product popularity to find the most suitable products for your business

Automatic product

Catcher automatically syncs your products onto your SHOPLINE website so that  you can quickly publish best-selling products in bulk - making product uploads easy and efficient

Smart order placing technology

Once a customer makes a purchase, Catcher automatically places an order with the supplier so that logistics process can be instantly started

Directly Ship from Your  Suppliers

Fulfillment is made easy as the your supplier can prepare your customer’s order and ship your product directly to them

Get your inventory ready and SHOPLINE will handle the rest

SHOPLINE‘s logistics partners can fulfill all your delivery and fulfillment needs

Ship at competitive prices

SHOPLINE's logistics partners can pick up your goods with no minimum order required

Professional and global fulfillment network

SHOPLINE Logistics provides businesses with warehousing support, including smart picking, packaging, and label printing

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