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Run advertisements on the most used social commerce channel
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Facing Facebook ad troubles? SHOPLINE Smart Ads are your solution

Build your own smart landing page in three seconds

SHOPLINE has got you covered with auto-generated landing pages that convert sales, increase click rates, and improve ROAS

Smart Landing Page Selection

Automatically select a matching landing page template based on the type of product being promoted

Automated Product Sorting

SHOPLINE’s sorting algorithm automatically features products that customers want in advertisements

Fast loading speeds

We use smart technologies like image acceleration and page caching to ensure that the customer experience is easy and jitter-free
"We had a 280% sales increase as well as improvements in ROAS, page conversion rate, and upsell rate after using
SHOPLINE smart landing pages."
A Taiwan-based metro-style womenswear brand selling internationally

Smart product recommendations and custom audiences

SHOPLINE’s inbound advertising tool helps you to save time and cut down on your advertising spend

Amplify the performance of your best-sellers

Get site-wide product trends and user behavior data
Determine the best-performing products based on reviews and data
Find out the best products to advertise to specific audiences in your ad campaigns

Label your products with tags backed by real-time statistics

SHOPLINE Smart Advertising System recommends interest tags according to the composition of store products and past advertising campaign results. This will speed up the selection process and create a more defined target audience.
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Simplify your marketing process by generating ads automatically

Grow your ROAS by quickly building ad campaigns and then picking out the best performing ones
3 Target Audiences
Supports setting up to three
target audience segments for
the same ads content
30 Ad Sets
Supports a combination of up
to 30 ad sets in the same
marketing campaign
900 Ads
Choose the best ads for your campaigns with the ability to run hundreds of live ads - perfect
for A/B Testing

Original platform delivery

Manually create and manage ads one at a time
Manually upload feeds
Manually upload banners
Third-party tools for content creation
Create the same multi-audience ad group item by item

SHOPLINE Smart Ads System

Supports multiple ad creation
Automatically creates a feed
Automatic image upload
Play around with creative templates and materials in one go
Create multiple ads with multiple audiences for the same product at once

SHOPLINE’s risk management team helps you to reduce the risk of getting your account banned or suspended

As a Meta Partner, the SHOPLINE Smart Ads System will send your ads to the risk management team for review and evaluation before ads start running on Facebook - evaluating them to avoid the possibility of violations and account restrictions

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