Engage your customers and spread your message with multi-channel marketing

Understand your customers better and deliver personalised messages that turn them into lifelong fans of your brand

Unify your brand messaging with built-in multi-channel marketing tools

  • Promote your brand wherever your customers interact online including email marketing, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat

  • Engage your customers throughout their purchase journey whether they be prospects, customers, one-time buyers or repeat customers

Go beyond email marketing with SHOPLINE’s powerful multi-channel dashboard

  • Improve your efficiency and boost sales by automating your multi-channel marketing process

  • Coordinate your email, web messaging and SMS marketing efforts - all on your SHOPLINE dashboard

Establish your brand messaging with templates for every purpose

  • SHOPLINE has a wide range of pre-built multichannel templates so that you can communicate effectively with your customers in any scenario

  • Easily customise messages for all your channels to grow sales, nurture repeat purchases, and increase brand awareness

Reach new customers and optimise your strategy with detailed analytics and reports

  • Launch your outreach campaign by synchronising your customer data from your website and other sources with your multi-channel efforts

  • Get detailed reports on your multi-channel campaign performance that provide relevant information such as messages sent and the sales generated from those messages

Easy task management

  • Choose task types: daily marketing, automated tasks, A/B testing

  • Choose your audience and track your task performance

  • Multiple email templates to adapt to different scenarios

  • Easily editable to make sure they fit your brand

Target the right audience with your messages with segmentation tools

  • Identify and reach out to your target audiences with accurate filters to increase precision and penetration

  • Align your messaging with your audience’s language and behavior to personalise your multi-channel outreach

Fine-tune your messaging to appeal to your customers

  • Use SHOPLINE’s analytics tools to determine the customer segments that are most aligned with your store

  • Get notified on the performance of each of your outreach campaigns and A/B test your marketing to find out which messages work

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