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Accelerate your retail expansion with SHOPLINE POS

How SHOPLINE POS can help grow your business

How SHOPLINE POS can help grow your business

Reliable, feature-rich software

Our products help you efficiently achieve sales targets .

Comprehensive payment options

Support multiple payment channels to meet the payment needs of your customers.

Instant online and offline data synchronization

Create a seamless shopping experience.



Hassle-free shopping

Synchronized Data

Simplify your store's operations by managing products, finances, and more, all from a single dashboard.

Buy Online, Pick-up in Store


Our in-store pickup service helps to increase sales and gives you a chance to upsell to customers in person.

Buy Online, Ship from Store


Fulfill online orders with ease by shipping directly from your retail store's inventory.

Buy in Store, Ship to Customer


Encourage offline customers to buy more by offering shipping to their desired destination with automatic shipping rates applied at checkout.

Reserve in Store, Pick Up Later


Allow customers to snap up limited stock releases by reserving with full payment and the option for picking up items later.


Maximize profits and propel your business to new heights by using our cost-effective system to manage inventory across store locations.

2. Stay on top of your inventory

Our inventory management system includes tools for analyzing sales history and seasonal patterns that help to optimize purchasing decisions.

3. Maximize efficiency, minimize mistakes

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual stock management by tracking inventory across all locations using our all-in-one system.

1. Improve profitability

Boost profitability and sales growth with accurate purchase suggestions generated by our data-driven inventory management system.

Purchase Orders


Stay ahead of the competition and ensure your shelves are always stocked with automated stock ordering and customizable reorder points.

Purchase Suggestion


Gain complete control over your inventory with real-time visibility of your catalogue, low-stock alerts, and auto-purchase suggestions.

Inventory Allocation


Simplify inventory allocation and transfers between stores to efficiently streamline inbound inventory management across all locations.

Inventory Alerts


Never miss a sale by using our innovative system to automate stock orders and set custom reorder points for top-selling products.

Supplier Management


Take the hassle out of supplier management with our centralized hub for easy access to all your supplier contacts and details.

Inventory Analysis


Gain valuable inventory insights with targeted analysis and replenishment suggestions powered by in-depth and multilevel filters.

ABC Analysis


Unlock the key to greater inventory control and profitability with our ABC analysis system. Identify your top-performing products and optimize your inventory strategy.

Inventory Counts


Simplify inventory updates with our scanner on POS app or admin for efficient and accurate full or partial counts.

Inventory Receiving


Experience effortless and intuitive PO retrieval and inbound inventory counting with our revolutionary inventory retrieval system.

Inventory Reports

Access comprehensive inventory analysis, import updated counts to all locations, and gain the inside scoop with our in-depth inventory reports.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Eliminate stockouts by using our real-time cloud automation & data synchronization to maintain a full view of your products and stock levels across all channels.


Our comprehensive staff management system allows you to easily manage roles and permissions on one platform.

Role Management and Approval


Protect your business with SHOPLINE's role management system. Easily assign permission levels for sensitive actions such as viewing customer data and applying discounts.

Unlimited Staff Access


Elevate your operations with unlimited POS staff access and fully customizable permission restrictions.

Staff Information and Role

Simplify staff management with one back office. Maintain full sales visibility by controlling staff roles, and tracking shifts and registers from the same place.

Role Customization

Customize staff roles and permissions to quickly onboard new employees and boost sales performance - no matter your industry or business model.

Staff Performance Analysis

Boost staff morale and drive sales by monitoring sales achievements and calculating commissions.

Staff Access Permission

Manage your staff activities and access to sensitive data from one panel. Specify staff roles to get an overview of operations.

Unique POS PINs

Assign a unique PIN for each staff member to grant them autonomy over their POS activities.


Focus on growing your business by easily managing and setting up multiple retail stores.

Centralized Business Admin

Efficiently manage your retail business and eliminate the hassle of switching between multiple platforms with SHOPLINE's all-in-one admin panel.

Centralized Business Admin

Quickly add additional long-term or short-term registers and effortlessly manage seasonal pop-up stores with our centralized admin.

Add Locations

Set up a new store or warehouse in minutes.


Simple and seamless checkout operations for staff success and shopper satisfaction.

Portable Tablet POS

Create a new store or warehouse in a matter of minutes with our 24/7 platform.

Offline Checkout

Never miss another sale because of a lost internet connection -- SHOPLINE's POS system automatically resyncs orders once it's back up.

Park and Retrieve Cart


Maximize your order processing capacity by holding and retrieving up to 80 orders.

Custom Receipt Format


Create a lasting impression on your customers with custom receipts that match your brand style.

Custom Tax Number


Eliminate tax reconciliation headaches by recording tax rates for various locations.

Automatic Discounts


Our comprehensive O2O solution offers automatic discounts integrated into the checkout process, freeing up staff from manual discount management.

Product Discount Codes


Offer product-level discount codes to enrich your customers' shopping experience.

Receipt Options


Customize receipt delivery with multiple options, including printing, email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Shortcut to Custom Discounts


Create custom discounts and promotional campaigns at the push of a button to drive sales.

Smart Grid Workbench

Transform the way your team works with our personalized feature tiles. Tailor the platform to your needs for an intuitive and streamlined experience.

Order Notes

Make your store stand out by adding special requests and follow-up notes to build customer loyalty.

Custom Sale

Create custom orders on the spot to generate sales and provide a smooth shopping experience.

Multiple Add-to-Cart Methods

Speed up checkout with an intuitive interface that lets you add products to a customer's cart with a quick search, scan or tap.

Offline Payment

Process transactions seamlessly even when offline, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for customers.



Effortlessly perform exchanges and refunds from any retail store using our innovative solutions.

Returns & Refunds

Process multiple partial/full refunds and exchanges for the same order to keep your customers satisfied.

Express Tender Amounts

Reduce wait times by allowing cashiers to quickly select tender amounts using our easy-to-use express buttons.


SHOPLINE's product management hub enables seamless syncing across all sales channels, reducing time and risks.

Product Price Customization


Our flexible pricing options are designed to suit your needs. Implement unique pricing strategies through customized prices for different stores.

Product Library

Streamline your product management process with our Product Library feature. Create products online and sync them to your POS stores.

Product Categories

Categorize your products by brands, types, colors, sizes, and more, and efficiently filter and sort them on your POS system.

Universal Product & Stock Visibility

Maximize sales opportunities and improve customer satisfaction with real-time stock visibility across all channels.

Multi-Location Inventory

Allocate and share inventory across all sales channels seamlessly to optimize profitability.

Stock Reservation

Offer limited stock releases for reservation. Allow customers to secure and pick up products in a hassle-free fashion.

Barcode Generator

Steamline inventory tracking with our retail barcode management app that lets you create, scan and print barcodes.


Turn window shoppers into loyal customers.

Create Customer Profiles

Build customer loyalty with SHOPLINE's customer profile creation feature and other robust marketing tools.

Centralized Customer Database

Fulfill online orders with ease by shipping directly from your retail store's inventory.

Quick View of Order History

Automatically sync your online and in-store orders for comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Notify Customers

Keep customers updated about their BOPIS orders with automatic email order notifications.

Integrated Member System


Increase sales and engagement with tiered memberships offering member pricing, referral incentives, and exclusive perks.

Earn Member Points

Drive customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases with our point-based reward system.

Redeem Member Points

Integrate the member point system into your in-store checkout process and allow customers to redeem points easily.


Unlock the power of data and gain valuable insights with our multifaceted analytics reporting system.

Day End Sales Report


Access historical sales summaries with our comprehensive reporting system to easily identify discrepancies.

Register Shift Reports

Make data-driven decisions with daily register closure summaries, historical order summaries, and comprehensive staff performance reports.

Retail Sales Dashboard

Access your real-time retail sales data from any device - anywhere and anytime.

Retail Sales Reports

Easily compare sales using multiple filters with our comprehensive sales reports, and drive overall business growth.

Cash Tracking


Streamline shift changes and maintain accurate cash balance with our cash tracking and discrepancy identification feature.

Profit Margin Reports

Gain insights into profitability by product, SPU, SKU, and retail stores with our comprehensive profit margin reports.

Product Sales Reports

Compare sales across channels, SPUs, and SKUs using our advanced analytics tools.

Sales by Discount Reports

Optimize your promotion campaigns with our evaluation and tracking tools for discounts.

Inventory Reports

Efficiently manage stock levels by monitoring movements and turnover with our inventory reporting solution.

Financial Reports

Get an overview of your store's finances, including sales, refunds, payments, and order amounts.

GTO Mall Integration

Automate GTO sales file submission (Over 100 malls)


Upgrade your retail game to the next level with our stylish and seamlessly integrated hardware.

Existing POS Hardware Integration

Use SHOPLINE POS on your current compatible devices without extra hardware costs. Contact us for more information on device compatibility.

Compatible Hardware Accessories

Boost your in-store efficiency with hardware accessories including cash drawers, receipt printers, and scanners.


Provide multiple payment options for customers and complete every transaction with SHOPLINE POS.

Accept Popular Payment Methods

Accept major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB, UnionPay), e-wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay), and local gateways like PayNow with SHOPLINE POS.

Custom Payment Buttons


Manage payment options your way by creating custom buttons for the payment types you offer.

Contactless Payment

Enjoy the convenience of tap-and-go payments with our contactless POS readers.

Split Payment


Give customers the choice of using multiple payment options for a single transaction, including cards, cash, vouchers, and more!

Rounding Mechanism


Stay compliant with universal requirements and simplify your payment processing with SHOPLINE POS's cash-rounding mechanism.


Save time and eliminate errors with our auto-reconciliation feature. Reconcile your POS order data and payments to ensure organized finances.

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