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Get a 360° Review of
eCommerce business

Struggling to scale your retail business
to the next level?

Whether you are facing an operational challenge
or need a fresh perspective to your sales strategy,
SHOPLINE consultants are here to help. 

Having consulted thousands of Malaysian retail businesses, our consultants are equipped to provide a 360° review on your business’s e-commerce sales and operations, and make recommendations on how to optimize your sales and operations for better profitability.


Who would benefit from this consultation

eCommerce businesses are struggling to grow their sales or expand to new sales channels
eCommerce businesses
that find it challenging to retain their customers for repeat sales
eCommerce businesses trying to optimize their commerce operations to reduce cost and increase profitability
Physical store owners
trying to expand to online
sales channels

How our consultants can help

Review sales and marketing channels and propose optimization strategies
and technologies to scale
up revenue
Review sales operations and propose optimization strategies and technologies to reduce cost, increase productivity and profitability
Review digital marketing
activities and propose
digital advertising
optimization strategies
Review customer retention strategies and propose loyalty programs and technologies to retain and increase sales from existing customers

Success Story

Naurah Ameena

Naurah Ameena is founded by a woman entrepreneur, Puan Nadia. She has chosen to use the SHOPLINE website to manage her business operations and connect with her customers. By utilizing the SHOPLINE website,
the SEO value of her business has increased, which has made it more accessible for customers to locate
her brand online.

Play Apparels

Diana Wong and Cliff Soo founded Play Apparels in 2006, which specializes in designing distinct and visually appealing fashion styles for numerous artists and online influencers. By teaming up with SHOPLINE, the brand can utilize technical and online store support teams. Moreover, SHOPLINE enables Play Apparels to expand its reach
to a national market.

Butik Hadramiyah

In 2015, Encik Hassan and his wife founded Butik Hadramiyah while studying in Yemen. The brand specializes in Muslimah clothing, particularly abayas, shawls, and niqabs. To manage customer orders, they have enlisted the help of SHOPLINE, which provides them with logistics services through OneShip, allowing for efficient order processing.

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