From October 2022 onwards

Mass Audience

Did you know that 7 million people in Malaysia are using Tiktok nowadays? Other than fulfilling their daily routines, most people will spend their time scrolling through Tiktok during their break hours. It’s one kind of entertainment for them.

Seamless Comms

So, shout out to all our social sellers, if you wanted to target your audience, why not go and sell on Tiktok now? You can easily build your very first Tiktok shop with us now!

Content Made Easy

Create funny and interesting content to build up your brands and attract a new batch of the target audience to follow you on Tiktok and target them to purchase your products easily!

Why you should sell on Tiktok today?

Free Delivery

Hassle-free delivery to West and East Malaysia

Inventory Easy

Easy inventory management with SHOPHUB

Ads Simplified

Capabilities to run ads on Tiktok


Provides a one-click shopping experience for your customers